33 Pieces of Cheese Tasting Notebook

    Hi Cheese Lovers!

Welcome to my new cheesy obsession: The 33 Pieces of Cheese Tasting Notebook! I was browsing around on other cheese blogs and I came across someone who had blogged about these notebooks and given my occasional tendency to be a design nerd, I was immediately drawn to them! If you’re the type who loves good cheese and good design, these tasting books are for you!

33 Pieces of Cheese was developed by Dave Selden, who first created a Beer
Tasting notebook and has since expanded into cheese, whiskey, coffee and
more! Now, great design is nice, but a cheese tasting notebook would never get 2 thumbs up from me if it wasn’t useful, practical and highly functional!

Take another second to admire the exterior (printed on recycled heavy-weight kraft paper)… done? Ok, now on to the inside

Flip open the cover and find a well-designed, minimalistic and clear page, perfect for jotting down your notes on all of the cheeses you taste! There are various ways on each small page to record what you think about the cheesy-goodness you’re munching on! You are given spots to record the name, the dairy the cheese is made at, origin, rind type, price and the date you tasted on. There are also checkboxes for what type of milk the cheese is made from as well as stars to colour in based upon your rating, and a texture meter that lets you remember how soft or firm the cheese was. Jot down some quick notes on the few lines provided and then move on to my favourite part – the Flavour Wheel. The flavour wheel is what makes the 33 Pieces so amazing. The flavour wheel is a little circular graph with various flavour profiles encircling the border. To fill out the graph, look at each specific flavour profile and rate it on a scale of 1 through 5 (5 being the outer perimeter of the circle, where the flavour is most intense). Make a dot on where you think your cheese belongs for each flavour and then connect all the dots together – and there you have it, a unique graph for each cheese you taste!! Eventually you will get to recognize certain shapes and how they are associates with certain types of cheeses and flavours.

Now all that there is left to do is try 33 different cheeses to fill up my book – and then maybe buy the 33 Beers book and go for that, too!

If you’re interested in these great booklets, check out 33beers.com or keep your eyes on tasteofcheese.ca because as soon as we receive our shipment of books, they’ll be up for sale! Hoorah!

Good night and happy eating!

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