Good afternoon, Cheese Lovers!!
Have you ever come across food so lovely that you might not even want to eat it? I love to eat beautiful food of all sorts, as often as possible! I thought that I would share with you a few bites of beauty that I’ve come across in the past little while. I started to think about how food can resemble art today while reading about the Girolle, a traditional tool used to shave rosettes of the Swiss cheese, Tete de Moine. The rosettes formed by the Girolle look like Chanterelle mushrooms, which happen to be known as Girolle in French (hence the name of the tool!) I love the delicate look of the cheesy rosettes! They look like they belong atop a corsage or a wedding cake! I don’t actually own a Girolle, and tried to make some rosettes using a knife, as it is said to have been done before Girolles were commonplace. I failed pretty miserably and didn’t want to post the embaressing pictures! Check out the pics below for some other fascinating food/art that has recently caught my eye!

Where have you found food that looks like a work of art??


Girolle: Thanks to for giving reader a perfect example of the delicate rosettes made by spinning the girolle blade round a Tete de Moine!

Latte Art

Behold this amazing work of art from Snakes and Lattes, on Bloor St. A friend ordered a Latte while we were playing board games and we were all surprised that this “cup of art” was delivered to our table! This one definitely scores in the “almost too amazing to eat” category! (She did drink it, of course)

Phipps Whipped Cake

In a world full of fantastical fondant covered cakes, this marble iced cake from Phipps Bakery (that I bought for my cousins wedding) was a delight to my eyes! The soft, buttery peaks were perfectly swirled, except for where I mushed the box into the side a little bit! It was a perfect addition to a rehearsal dinner sweet table! It was worth cutting into as it was a very yummy chocolate and vanilla cake inside! Only crumbs remained.

Cake Opera Nougat

A lovely treat from the Cake Opera, which I can’t help but mention again!!! Their nougat bars are worthy of being framed!!! (and then unframed, so that I can eat them!)                                                      

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