To Twirl or Not to Twirl…

To twirl or not to twirl, that is the question. While browsing through the Food&Wine archives of the Globe & Mail this morning, I came across a little blip of an article on the purpose of being provided a spoon with a plate of spaghetti.. Continue reading

Finding Comfort in Comfort Cream

Good Afternoon Cheese Lovers! I hope that you are all having a cheesy day! I’m hanging around the office, snacking on a yummy cheese called Comfort Cream. Comfort Cream is produced by Upper Canada Cheese Company (Hereby refered to in … Continue reading

Mystery Cheese!

How brave are you when it comes to cheese? I work at a job where I often hear people tell me, without certainty, that there are certain types of cheese that they absolutely hate! At Taste of Cheese we are … Continue reading

Cooking for Dummies? Not this Class!

I am finally getting around to writing about a very interesting cooking class that I went to last Tuesday night that proved to me yet again that I am going to have lots of trouble going from my current cooking/baking capabilities to being even close to competent in the kitchen. Continue reading

Happy Valentine’s Day, Cheese Lovers!

My Cheese of Valentine’s Day 2011 is Tommette aux Baies Roses, a small, fresh pat of chevre seasoned with herbs and sprinkled with pink peppercorns. Continue reading

Cheese or Font: My new Favourite Game

I have discovered a perfect game for a cheese-lover and designer like myself. It is called Cheese or Font. You get presented with a word that is either the name of a cheese, or a font. You then decide which … Continue reading

The Packers win Super Bowl XLV: CHEESEHEADS REJOICE!

Today is not just any old Monday, it’s the Monday after SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!! And today, cheese-topped Green Bay Packer’s fans celebrate in their famed team’s victory. Continue reading

Cheese to Check out in Montreal!

Are you going to be in Montreal between February 16th and 19th? If so, then you are in luck!! I only wish I could be there to visit La Fete des Fromages Continue reading

The Tour de Cheese

Hi! An exciting weekend has come to a close and I have a new-found respect for those who make and distribute cheese! I left with my travel buddy (mom) on Thursday morning, dark and early at 5am for Montreal to … Continue reading

I’m Leaving on a Jet Plane…. ok, I’m Leaving in my Car.

Tomorrow I set out on a journey to the lovely city of Montreal to visit our cheese suppliers and some cheese farms!! I hope to have some great info and news when I return! Have the best weekend!