The Star Latches on to the Cheese Wars

At Taste of Cheese we sell a million kinds of cheese (ok, a slight exaggeration) but really, lots. And lots that are made with unpasteurized milk. I can safely say that I indulge in said danger-cheese all the time, and … Continue reading

Great Goat: Rosemary Caprillice

My first new cheese review!! I’m so excited to tell you about how good this cheese is! Yesterday I got to taste a great cheese that was tantalizing on my taste buds!  The Rosemary Caprillice is one of the cheeses … Continue reading

Becoming the Big Cheese

How do you go from being a cheese lover to being an expert on all things cheese, a Master Fromager… The Big Cheese? It’s not like I can go get my Master’s Degree in Cheese – wait, can I do … Continue reading

A Great Cheese Site!!

I’ve been reading a great cheese blog that has links to everything you could imagine about cheese!! If you haven’t read go and check it out. It has an excess of cheesiness and links to lots of other great … Continue reading

The Ones That Stayed On The Plate… My Bottom 5 Cheeses

While it would be nice to imagine adoring every cheese that was served up at the Artisanal Master Class, that certainly isn’t very realistic. Most of the cheese I gobbled up was yummy and wonderful. But there were five that … Continue reading

The Top 10 of the Artisanal Cheese Master Class

44 recorded cheeses. Many more that went undocumented. When you eat more than 50 different cheeses in 3 days, you’re bound to have some favourites, the ones that slide over your tongue like a breath of fresh air or a … Continue reading

Cheese and the City

Good Morning! Now that I am back to work in chilly Pefferlaw, Ontario, I can tell you all about the crazy cheese crash course that I took a few days ago at the Artisanal Premium Cheese Center in Manhattan. Now, I … Continue reading

The start of a cheesy adventure!

Welcome to a blog by Taste of Cheese! Well, more specifically, by me – Stacey – a passionate cheese lover who works at Taste of Cheese. Taste of Cheese is an online cheese business which gives me the opportunity to … Continue reading