April Cheeses

April Cheese Taster Box!


We’ve been waiting on Spring to hit for what feels to be a very long while! With warmer weather on route, the seasonal food door options start to open up. With that, we’ve put together our April cheese set of Canadian cheeses that is great for pairing with seasonal wines, sharing with family or being an office rock star and ordering a box for all your employees!

Monforte Toscano-This Ontario sheep’s milk cheese produced by Ruth Klahsen of the Monforte Dairy is a take on the original Pecorino Toscano from Italy, and just as tasty. Aged for 6 months, this sheep’s milk cheese has a rustic appeal, with an earthy and subtle sweetness to it. Its versatility makes it great for an everyday table cheese with a glass of Chianti, or shaven on top of a salad or pasta.

Le Pizy  – Le Pizy, made of cow’s milk from Fromagerie La Suisse Normande in Lanaudiere, Quebec. Named after a small Swiss village in the canton of Vaud, its bloomy rind and soft centre make for an extraordinary tasty creation. It melts in your mouth leaving a mild milky tone with select notes of salted butter. It’s perfect on its own, placed on a baguette or shared with a Chenin Blanc. Others have found creative ways of incorporating Le Pizy into recipes!

1608 – Coming out of Laiterie Charlevoix,1608 gets its name from heads of cattle that were brought into Canada between 1608 and 1670. Which then gave birth to the Canadienne breed of cows. This raw milk cheese has a barn yardy like aroma with a lingering nuttyness which makes it perfect as munching cheese or to accompliment your morning tea or coffee.

Le Cendrillon  – In 2009 the ‘‘best cheese in the world’ came out  La Fromagerie Alexis de Portneuf in Quebec, at the World Cheese Awards, and has been a great goat option to compliment any cheese board since. It can either be eaten on its own or with a little bit of honey drizzled on each slice to add a subtle sweet finish.Pair with a Sauvignon Blanc or Riesling for a wine and cheese night!

Bleu Ermite – Benedictine monks in Quebec are still making cheese, and they definitely had first time blue cheese eaters in mind when developing Ermite. A great starter blue elementary cheese earters,  but still pronounced enough to please blue cheese veterans! Great in salads, cheese boards with figs & chocolates, or on it’s own with glass of table red!

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