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La Vache a Maillotte


La Sarre, Quebec, Canada

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Allegretto is a great Quebec sheep’s milk cheese that pleases the palate with a sweet flavour and soft aroma. Allegretto is made in La Sarre, Quebec where a cooler climate helps to up the sugar levels in the pastures. The high quality sheep’s milk used in this cheese is thermalized, meaning the milk is heated, as in pasteurization, but to lower temperatures. The cheese is pressed and then aged for at least 120 days. The rind is all natural and can be eaten if you like it! Allegretto won an award for the best sheep’s milk cheese at Selection Caseus in Quebec, 2004.

Taste Notes

Allegretto is an easy going cheese that is sure to surprise those who tend not to like sheep’s milk cheeses. The pleasant experience of Allegretto begins at first sight, with its soft looking rind and creamy, off-white paste. The aroma is fresh and sweet. Fruits and cream are present in the soft smell. At first taste, Allegretto is creamy, and melts over the tongue. The flavour is fresh and tangy with a nutty component that is easier to taste than it is to smell. The cheese is complex, yet subtle asking you to carefully explore all of its various taste components, not over-exposing any one aspect.


Try the Allegretto on its own, and then in gourmet grilled cheese or grated onto pasta. Pair your Allegretto with Château de Chantegrive, a sweet white with a fresh, floral and white peach aroma.

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