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Beemster is an artisan Dutch Gouda cheese that is produced exclusively in the Beemster Polder, a tract of land located in North Holland, 20 feet below sea level. The cows graze on natural pastures which contain rare blue sea clay that provide the milk a sweet, soft milkfat which in turn gives Beemster cheeses a softer and creamier texture than other Goudas. Beemster cheese is made using traditional methods and a “secret recipe” known only by Beemster farmers and select Master Cheesemakers. Beemster comes in different varieties and the X-O version is particularly special as it is aged for an entire 26 months, longer than most cheeses. X-O stands for Extra Old.

Taste Notes

Beemster X-O provides a special Beemster experience with a full aroma and flavour. The cheese is a striking orange colour and the aroma is warm and inviting, with sweet notes throughout. The texture is dry, crumbly and granular, due to the intensely long aging period. The flavour is complex and full of butterscotch, whiskey and pecan flavours that alternate over the palate in waves. The pure and unique milk used allows the X-O to achieve a huge flavour profile in only 26 months, while still retaining a smooth and creamy taste. Snack on Beemster X-O at any time of day or use it grated as an alternative to Parmigiano.


This extra-aged Beemster XO, with its highly complex flavors, should be paired with Port, sherry and dessert wines.

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