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Bleu de la Moutonniere


Fromagerie la Moutonniere


Ste-Helene de Chester, Quebec, Canada

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Bleu de la Moutonniere is produced by Alastair MacKenzie & Lucille Giroux in Ste-Helene de Chester, Quebec at the small Fromagerie la Moutonniere. This growing Canadian operation produces their award winning blue using the milk of local sheep. They focus on the well-being and happiness of the sheep that they take milk from, resulting in a fabulous testament to sheep’s-milk blue cheese! The cheese is aged for 2-3 months in an underground cave and kept at well maintained temperature and natural humidity, which help to ensure good quality. Each wheel is cut in half and wrapped by hand.

Taste Notes

The Bleu de la Moutonniere is a rustic blue that exudes an earthiness at first glance… and bite! The rind is rough and mottled and relatively dry. The paste is cream-coloured, and streaked vertically with blue mould. The fragrance is not too strong, and smells soft and natural. The texture is not too soft, the paste takes a bit more than a moment to melt over the tongue and the palate. The flavours are complex with earthy, creamy and sweet notes that do not hit you too strongly. The sweetness is mixed with salty, tangy, sheepy notes that round out the whole tasting experience!


The Bleu de la Moutonniere is perfect for featuring on a cheese plate, as it is a unique blue that is not so soft it crumbles. Try it out on sandwich or in salads with dried hazelnuts, walnuts or almonds; in a sauce for a filet of beef. Pair your Bleu de la Moutonniere with late-harvest wines or port for a special tasting experience.

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