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Bleu des Basques


Berria de Onetik Cooperative


Macaye, Basque Region, France

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Bleu des Basques is produced by the Berria de Onetik cooperative, in the Basque region of France, in the Pyrenees mountains. This region is well known for the production of sheep’ milk cheese. This cheese was first produced in just 2001 and since then has won a Gold Medal at the French Concours Général Agricole. The Bleu des Basques is semi-firm and is aged for 65-90 days.

Taste Notes

Bleu des Basques has a natural beige-coloured rind and cream-coloured paste with very thin, fine blue-gray veins spread throughout. The paste glistens, which indicates that the cheese is made of highly fatty sheep’s milk. The aroma of the cheese is lactic, creamy, earthy as well as spicy and floral. The texture of the Bleu des Basques is semi-creamy, with little bites of crunch where the veining is found. On the palate, the cheese begins a bit salty. The flavour quickly becomes complex, with a tangy, spicy, fresh flavour, which then evolves into a creamy flavour that coats the palate.


Try pairing the Bleu des Basques with a sweet Sauternes and figs to bring out the complex flavours of the cheese.

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