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Brillat Savarin is a famous French cheese which dates back to the 1930’s. The cheese is named for the writer Brillat Savarin, who had a well-known fondness for cheese. Brillat has been used for celebratory purposes since its inception. It is one the most delicate of the triple cream brie cheeses. In this truffle-infused edition, the Brillat is most certainly amongst the most special cheeses to enjoy over the holiday season.

Taste Notes

This Brillat will instantly become one of your favourites! The soft, buttery cheese paired with the pungent heady mushroom seems like a match made in heaven. The wonderfully smooth and soft brie provides overwhelming flavour and texture on the tongue. The big, earthy truffle flavour adds a new dimension to the already full flavored sweet, creamy and buttery brie, making this cheese the definition of gastronomic luxury. Brillat with truffles is the perfect cheese to feature on a cheese board.


It will pair well with fresh breads and dried fruit as well as chocolate! The rind can be bitter, try a bite with the paste for a lovely contrast! This cheese pairs perfectly with sparkling wines – either sweet or dry, especially Champagne. Full bodied reds such as Cabernet Sauvignon or Barolo also work very well. This cheese also goes well with sweet desert wines such as Port, Ice Wine, and Late Harvest Riesling.

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