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Brillat Savarin


Normandy, France

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Brillat Savarin is a famous French cheese which dates back to the 1930’s. The cheese is named for the writer Brillat Savarin, who had a well-known fondness for cheese. Brillat Savarin has been typically used for celebratory purposes since its inception. It is one the most delicate of the triple cream brie cheeses.

Taste Notes

Brillat Savarin is a cheese very high in butterfat content, which makes it an incredibly luxurious and rich edible experience. It is in its prime at a relatively young age, and should be consumed before reaching a runny state. It is a cheese with a velvety taste and texture and the lactic, salty notes linger only momentarily, which make the lucky eater want to eat more! It is a perfect dessert cheese and pair wonderfully with sweet or tropical fruits.


Brillat Savarin pairs perfectly with Champagne and sparkling wines, as well as almost any other wine you desire! It is adaptable to an endless variety of wines and you should give pairing the Brillat with your favourite wine a try.

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