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Blue Juliette


Salt Spring Island Cheese


Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada

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Blue Juliette is a soft ripened, bloomy rind cheese produced by Salt Spring Island cheese in British Columbia. It is a sibling to the renowned Juliette, and both are produced by the esteemed cheesemaker. Blue Juliette is the same as Juliette with the exception of a blue mould rind which gives the cheese a stronger flavour. Juliette is considered a Goat Camembert. Juliette is produced using local, pasteurized goat’s milk that is purchased from farms in and around the Salt Spring Island area. The goal of the producers at Salt Spring Island is to ensure that their milk comes from goats
which are fed and treated with the utmost integrity.

Taste Notes

Juliette is a delicate little wheel of cheese, looking a bit like a mini-Camembert. The rind is a mix of smoky blue and white. The rind provides an aroma reminiscent of blue cheeses. The aroma grows into a mild, floral and goaty aroma when the cheese is cut and let to rise to room temperature. The paste is white and melty, while the flavours are mushroomy, sweet, buttery and goaty. The outer blue rind does not really affect the taste of the paste. Eat Juliette with fresh breads or with a salad. It is a lovely addition to any cheese board.


Pair with a Chablis or a red Zinfandel for a great match.

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