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Camembert Philippe de Normandie


Isigny Sainte-Mere


Normandy, France

Milk Type









There are only 11 fromageries in Normandy that are allowed to make AOC name controlled Camembert de Normandie. Milk is collected only from the immediate vicinity, where lush grass and herbs grow in the wild and benefit from the damp climate. This cheese uses non pasteurized milk, preserving the character and terrior of the regional milk.

Taste Notes

This cheese bursts with a wonderful grassy, vegetable and mushroom flavor and aroma. The salty buttery flavor will coat your mouth and send you to heaven. The rind is both snowy white and yellow orange with ridges that have been created partially due to the handmade nature of the cheese. The rind itself has wonderful rich vegetable flavor that includes apples, onion, carrots and mushroom. The texture of the straw pale paste is beyond rich. It will literally melt in your mouth spreading the complex flavor through your mouth, palate and even nose. The lingering flavor will drive you to cut another slice and before you know it the wheel will be gone.


This Cheese is best served with an aromatic and fruity wine, not too hearty nor too mild. Many like it with a Burgundy wine, a Volnay, Savigny-les-Beaune, others will prefer it with a Bordeaux, Saint Emilion or Côtes de Bourg or with dry cider.

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