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Fromagerie le Detour


Bas-Saint-Laurent, Quebec, Canada








Clandestin is made by Mario Quiron at Fromagerie Le Detour, nestled away in the sleepy area surrounding Lac Temiscouata in Eastern Quebec. It is a ground-breaking cheese from a pioneering cheese maker that has won many awards, including a first prize at the American Cheese Society Conference in 2007. Named for the clandestine alcohol trade that flourished during Prohibition, it is said that Clandestin’s aging caves once houses countless bottle liquor, bound for our thirsty neighbours in the United States.

Taste Notes

Clandestin has a thin, pale orange rind that is flecked with white specks of naturally occurring moulds. It’s slender shell sometimes cannot wait for a human to crack it, and often will begin to seep as the cheese ripens. It has a pale straw coloured paste, and some restrained barnyard notes to match. It is a pleasure to eat; once you inhale the earthy aromas and the rind softly breaks in your fingers, you are rewarded with soft, yielding paste that is both tangy and smooth. The single herd sheep milk plays elegantly off of the solid base of quality Quebecois cow milk.


You will want this cheese to be the star of your cheese board. Scoop it up with a baguette or crisp slices of D’Anjou pears. You can also use it to make your plain old grilled cheese sandwich into a show stopper, or to be truly adventurous, use a little to thicken a sauce or gravy. As with all washed rinds, you can enjoy with almost any beer. Off dry whites of eastern European varieties also work
very well.

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