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Noyan, Quebec, Canada

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Douanier is a Canadian classic that is inspired by the French cheese, Morbier. Douanier is created by master cheese maker Fritz Kaiser, in Noyan, Quebec. Douanier won the Grand Champion award at the Canadian Cheese Grand Prix in 2004. This amazing cheese is made with a signature line of ash through its centre. This striking feature is reminiscent of Morbier, which was traditionally made with a line of ash running horizontally though it separating the morning and evening milk used in its production. The milk used was leftover from the day’s creation of giant Comte, however there was often not enough from either milking, and so a cheese with 2 distinct layers was created. The ash is now decorative only, but is the distinguishing feature of this classic French cheese. The ash line in the middle of Douanier is also symbolic of the U.S.-Canadian border nearby to the Fromagerie, and the name Douanier translates to “customs officer.”

Taste Notes

Douanier is a semi-soft cheese with a warm, copper-coloured rind and a dense, pale cream paste with tiny holes found throughout. The thin line of grey-blue ash that splits the cheese is made from maple wood. The aroma is mild and creamy, but becomes slightly stronger and more barn-yardy closer to the rind. The texture is dense and creamy, and spreads slowly over the palate. The flavours are a wonderful combination of mellow, tart and fruity. Notes of hazelnut can also be detected throughout!


Douanier is a great cheese to serve on a cheese tray, with its striking appearance. It can be served on crackers or baguettes, or even in a salad. Pair le Douanier with a dry red wine or a dry white Burgundy wine.

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