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Echaugettes are produced by the famed Fromagerie Berthaut in France. Also known as “Trou du Dru,” the Echaugettes are the smallest version of the cheese Epoisses, also produced by Fromagerie Berthaut. Echaugettes are derived from Epoisses, which originated as early as the XVIth century in a religious community of monks in the small village of Époisses. It is easily identifiable with its orange rind, which is washed with Marc Bourgogne during aging. Each Echaugette is washed individually, despite their tiny stature. The small size speeds up the maturation period, shortening it to just four weeks.

Taste Notes

Eating the Echaugette is a fine, complex experience! The cheese, though small, provides many big surprises. The appearance of the bite-sized cheese is bright and bold, as its aromas and flavours prove to be as well. The orange rind is sticky and thin, giving way to oozing, cream-coloured paste. The aroma is bigger and stronger than one might expect. Spoon out a bit of the cheese and let the creamy texture melt in your mouth.The complex, sweet and subtle flavours are more humble than you would expect given the “big” smell! The cheese finishes with rich, piquant flavours. It is a favourite of stinky-cheese lovers everywhere!


Take to it with a spoon, not a knife, and scoop out the oozing paste on to warm, crusty fresh bread that will not compete with the bold flavours. Echaugettes go very well with a dry white Burgundy when younger and a young red Côte de Nuits or Beaune, Savigny-lès-Beaune when more mature.

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