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Fleur des Monts


Fromagerie la Moutonniere


Eastern Townships, Quebec, Canada

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Le Fleurs des Monts (Mountain Flower) is made by Fromagier La Moutonniere, tucked away in Quebecs Eastern Townships near Victoriaville. Prescribing to a ‘happy sheep make happy cheese’ philosophy, Alastair and Lucille strive to make the best Pyrenees inspired cheeses possible using milk from East Fresian sheep. They are always happy to answer any question their visitors may have about their cheeses and animals, going as far as giving us the opportunity to assist in the cheese making process.

Taste Notes

Le Fleur des Monts has a rust coloured rind that encloses a firm parchment coloured paste. It is made using raw milk and pressed into medium sized molds and left to age for usually 3 – 6 months, though some wheels can take up to 9 months of age. The interior is firm and satisfying, with the sharpness of its’ raw sheep milk muted and mellowed by the careful aging process. It has definite notes of raw almonds, both in it’s aroma and on the palate.


This cheeses’ soul mate is raw buckwheat honey. The caramel sweetness of a dark honey pairs beautifully with Le Fleur des Monts slightly nutty flavour and texture. Use it on your cheese board where you would normally put an alpine cheese, or grate it onto pasta for a delicious and zippy gratin. Try broadening your horizons by pairing this cheese with a full strength Ontario or English mead.

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