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Fort des Rousses Juraflore Comte


Fort des Rousses


Franch-Comte, France

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Comte is a cheese which is cherished by the French and was the first cheese to receive AOC protection status. Comte is one of the most popular cheeses in France, with the highest production figures of all the French AOC cheeses. Comté is traditionally produced in the cool mountain reaches of Jura, where local farmers bring their Alpine milk to local cooperatives. This cheese is enjoyed all over the world and is a source of pride for the French.

Taste Notes

Underneath the hard rind is a firm and supple paste which melts in your mouth. The flavour is sweet, nutty, and almost toffee-like taste. A fruity aftertaste stays on the palate, a true sign of a raw milk. The salt is strong but balanced. This cheese is lovely on its own any time of the day with crisp fruits, like apples and pears. It matches very well with nuts and honey. A traditional fondue cheese, Comte can also be shredded, sliced, grated, chunked or melted.


This is a very versatile cheese that can honestly pair well with almost any wine. From light crisp whites such as sauvignon blanc to full bodied Bordeaux reds, it even pairs as well with desert wines such as ports.

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