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Fourme d'Ambert


Auvergne, France

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Fourme d’Ambert is an ancient cow’s milk blue that has been produced in the Auvergne region of France for centuries. Fourme d’Ambert predates English Stilton, which it is actually very similar to, in respect to shape, size and recipe. The name is derived from the mould which is traditionally used to create its cylindrical shape. The cheese originally was made within the borders of the town of Ambert, but it has become more industrialized and is now made in a few factories around the region.

Taste Notes

This amazing, classic cheese brings with it a mixture of flavours and aromas, all refined enough to please even those who claim to dislike blue cheese. The cheese has a much milder aroma than many blues and disperses scents of fruit and wood. The creamy, moist Fourme d’Ambert is a perfect combination of sharp and smooth flavours, making it an agreeable blue for every cheese lover, and a real treat for blue cheese lover! Try it as a snack with bread or fruit, or crumbled finely into a salad.


Pair your Fourme d’Ambert with your favourite red wine, or look for a wine from the cheese’s neighbourhood. This cheese is so great that it will likely make even mediocre wine taste better!

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