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Gruyere 1655 AOC


Gruyere 1655


Gruyere Region, Switzerland

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Gruyere 1655 AOC is produced using a traditional recipe from its town of origin: Gruyere, Switzerland. The cheese was originally produced by two brothers and officially took on its name in 1655, when a noble man discovered their cheese and began having them produce it exclusively for his family. To this day, the traditions that began with the Rime Brothers in 1655 are followed as closely as possible. The pasturelands of the county are rich and green, and are particularly nourishing for the grazing cows. The 1655 AOC is made only by unparalleled gold-medal master cheesemakers who follow precise rules for its production, resulting in awards of distinction for the consistently superior quality of their cheese. The cheese is aged in the Gruyere Cellars for an unknown number of months (likely between 6 and 12 months), a secret held only by the master cheesemakers.

Taste Notes

Gruyere 1655 is a warm, toasty treat for all of the senses. Examine first the golden-brown colour of the rind. Each wheel of the 1655 grows a slightly sticky outer film that ensures a healthy cheese with a full, rich flavour can be found within. The paste is smooth, clean and cream-coloured, free from imperfections. The aroma is soft and warm, with notes of nuts, toast and fruit. Take a bite! The texture is creamy smooth and melts quickly over the tongue. Gruyere 1655’s flavour will flow over your entire palate, exciting you with complex flavours of nuts, fruits, toast and cream.


To enjoy the Gruyere 1655 to its fullest, savour it alone, with thin slices of charcuterie products olive oil, or drizzled with a berry jam or jelly. Gruyere 1655 pairs well with many wine varieties, including dry white wines with delicate, fruity aromas, mineral notes and a touch of acidity; sparkling wines and champagnes, late-harvest wines and even fine reds!

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