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Gruyere de Grotte




Cantons de Fribourg, Neuchâtel et Vaud, Switzerland

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Gruyere is well known as one of Switzerland’s most revered cheeses. Gruyere de Grotte is a special cave-aged Swiss Gruyere. It is aged in limestone caves in the Swiss Alps for at least 18 months. With this longer ripening period, the cheese develops a rustic, more robust flavor than traditional Gruyere. Another feature unique to this Gruyere is a distinctive, thicker brown rind. Gruyere de Grotte features tiny crystals that are typical of slowly and carefully aged quality cheeses.

Taste Notes

Gruyere de Grotte has a warm brown rind that is washed in brine often during its aging period. The pale coloured paste is dotted with white crystals. The aromas are warm, creamy, nutty and a bit sweet. Take a bite to experience a complex texture that begins slightly dry but melts away into a creamy, full-bodied coating over the palate. The similarly complex flavours are bursting full of sweet, nutty, fruity, mushroom, and toasty notes that are exciting and long-lasting. Use your Gruyere every chance you get! It is as perfect on a cheese board as it is in a sandwich or melted over potatoes!


Pair Gruyere de Grotte with Austrian or German dry, white wines or with Champagne for a special occasion!

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