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Iberico is a fantastic mixed-milk cheese produced in Valladolid, in central Spain. Lesser known than the more famous Manchego, Zamorano or Idiazabal, Iberico is worth paying attention to! Iberico is made using a blend of pasteurized milk from cows, goats and sheep. There are minimum amounts of each type of milk in the cheese, at least 50% cow milk, 30% goat milk and 10% sheep milk. The exact blend can vary seasonally based on weather and breeding patterns of the animals. Iberico is aged for at least 2 months.

Taste Notes

The appearance of the Iberico is similar to Manchego, with a waxed rind and a light, cream-coloured paste. The goat’s milk is responsible for the fresh, light colour of the paste. The rind colour can be found in different colours. The aroma is mild, with sheepy and goaty notes present, without being overpowering. Iberico is an exciting mix of flavourful cow’s milk, tart goat’s milk and buttery, fatty sheep’s milk. Iberico’s flavor is bright, exiting and herbal. The mixture of the 3 milks provide Iberico with the best aspects of each individual milk. Iberico is great as a table cheese, and as a grilling cheese or shredding into omlettes!


Pair with Spanish reds, a good Pinot Noir or Beaujolais or for a white wine try Sauvignon Blanc.

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