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Keen's Cheddar


Keen's Cheddar, Ltd.


Somerset, England

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Keen’s Traditional Farmhouse Cheddar has been made at Moorhayes Farm in Wincanton, Somerset since 1899. The production of this cheese is a family affair which has won multiple top awards over the years. Keen’s Cheddar is made using unpasteurized milk collected only from the farm’s very own herd of dairy cows. The milk is used when fresh, not letting more than a day pass between collection and usage. The 25Kg wheels are clothbound and matured for over 12 months. The Keen’s Cheddar is now part of a Slow Food Presidium along with its sister cheeses, Montgomerys and Westcombe cheddar, all
made in Somerset.

Taste Notes

Keen’s Cheddar is sure to be one of the best cheddars that you will have ever tasted! The rind is rustic and speaks clearly of the traditional farm it was produced at. The rind is light brown and uneven, then covered in layers of cloth kept secure using lard. The paste is firm and cream-coloured. Sometimes you might even find a touch of blue in the paste, due to the open-air aging methods used at Moorhayes Farm. The aroma is a complex mix of sweet, creamy, barnyardy, and earthy. Take a bite and let the dense, creamy paste melt over your palate. The flavours are big and robust, with competing notes such as sweet and salty, or earthy and tangy. Keen’s cheddar is the perfect cold-weather cheese, with its big full flavour and tasting experience.


Keen’s should be used as often as possible!!! Make grilled cheese, slice it on a sandwich or burger, grate it into soups and sauces and even into salads. Keen’s Cheddar should be paired with Cabernet, Chianti Riserva or beers such as IPA’s and Stouts.

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