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Le Bois Blond


Fromagerie Paturages Comtois


Franch-Comte, France

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Le Bois Blond is a soft washed rind cheese that is made in the style of the highly prized (and only rarely available) Mont D’Or. Presented in a circular box that evokes the traditional bark boxes, Le Bois Blonde is well suited to cheese boards and is also great slightly warmed in the oven. Using pasteurized milk and more modern production methods, Fromagerie Paturages Comtois has created a wonderfully approachable cheese that helps bridge the long gap between ‘Mont D’Or Season’.

Taste Notes

Le Bois Blond has a white, slightly fluffy exterior, with ridges of very pale orange coloured rind peeking through the edges of the cheese. The aroma from this cheese is unique and inviting; a combination of notes of raw cauliflower and a pleasant mustiness that one often associates with soft ripened rinds. Once the rind is broken in to, a paste with a smooth and uniform texture, with small eyes dotted across it appears. When cool, this cheese has a springy texture and is quite mild. However, once it warms up and reaches room temperature, the subtleties and nuances in its’ tangy and intriguing flavour are revealed.


Le Bois Blond is a cheese that would complement a great number beverage styles. However you cannot go wrong enjoying it with an off dry Alsatian reisling or a hoppy and bitter French beer, like Fischer. This cheese is versatile enough that it can be a steady member of your cheese board selections, or can be folded into your favourite comfort food recipes…. Think Aligot potatoes, fondue, or baked into pastry, like a small brie.

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