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Le Chevrot Cendre


Sevre & Belle


Celles-sur-Belle, France

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Chevrot Cendre is a small, ladle-moulded goat cheese produced by Sevre & Belle, part of a century old co-op in Western France. Chevrot Cendre is a sibling to the more common Chevrot, the difference being the ash-coated rind found in the Chevrot Cendre. The Chevrot Cendre is initially aged for a short period of time, but can be continuously aged, even after you bring it home.

Taste Notes

The Chevrot Cendre has a tart, fresh, creamy and goaty aroma that lightly wafts from the small, wrinkled drum. The texture is a complex and exciting mix of bumpy and brainy on the rind, creamy and rich on the outer ring of the drum and dense and chalky at the heart. The flavour while the Chevrot is young is sweet, fresh and tangy. As the cheese continues to be aged, the flavour becomes deepers, nuttier, more piquant and certainly more goaty.


Serve at the Chevrot Cendre end of a meal on a cheese tray with fresh bread. It is perfect for both snacks and dinner parties! Pair with a crisp, acidic white wine while the cheese is in younger stages and with a red wine once the cheese has had more time to mature.

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