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Le Crottin de Chevre Rians


Fromagerie Rians


Berry, France

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Le Crottin de Chevre Rians is made in the style of traditional Loire Valley soft ripened goat cheeses. Like other modern French cheeses, this one takes its’ style cues from cheeses steeped in history such as Crottin de Chevignol and the past, but modern cheese making facilities, pasteurized milk and savvy packaging help make this cheese approachable as well as extremely enjoyable. The cheese has the wrinkled exterior that is the first identifiable feature of a quality soft ripened French goat cheese.

Taste Notes

The unique texture and appearance of the rind of the cheese is due to using the geotrichum candidum culture used to ripen the cheese, from the outside inward. It is a pale straw colour, that lightens towards the middle of the crottin. It has a tangy and slightly heady aroma, thought not nearly as pungent as it’s raw milk cousins. When ripe and served at room temperature, Le Crottin de Chevre Rian should have a firm and chalky interior, surrounded by a softer, sweeter layer of ripened paste, all enclosed by the protective rind. It’s taste is sharp and immediately satisfying, but smooth and pleasant, not acidic like most fresh chevre.


Le Crottin de Chevre Rians is best paired with wines from Sancerre, be a crisp and refreshing sauvignon blanc or a complex pinot noir. For a traditional dish with this more modern cheese, bake the Crottin in a medium oven for 10 minutes, then serve on a fresh salad with bitter greens, hazelnuts, and a sweet dressing. This salad and the above mentioned Sancerre is a little slice of French country heaven that you’ll want to share with friends.

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