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Le Nuits d'Or


Fromagerie de Nuits St. Georges


Burgundy, France








Le Nuit’s d’Or is a stinky indulgence that will please any lover of pungent cheeses without overwhelming those with milder tastes. Le Nuits d’Or is a small, washed rind wheel that is a milder version of the famous Epoisse, also from the region of Burgundy, France. The gold foil wrapped cheese makes it the perfect centrepiece for a decadent cheese tray.

Taste Notes

The appearance of le Nuits d’Or is as rich as its taste. The rind is washed to a delicate amber orange and patterned with a regal diamond crosshatch. The aroma is assertive, yet not too powerful. It smells fruity, earthy, gamey and mushroomy – but not too much like a barnyard! The paste is springy, oozy and a lovely cream colour. Silky and creamy smooth, the paste melts to a liquid texture atop the tongue. The flavour does not betray the appearance and aroma that precedes it. The full-bodied cheese starts out creamy, acidic and sweet but finishes with herbal, grassy, bitter and barnyard
notes. Scoop out the soft paste onto fresh baguette and enjoy as a post-meal snack!


Go local in looking for a pairing for the Nuits d’Or. It will be delicious with red Burgundy, young-ish red Bordeaux. Stay away from really big reds that will overpower this cheese.

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