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Louis d'Or


Fromagerie du Presbytère


Centre-du-Quebec, Quebec, Canada

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Louis d’Or is a rich, flavourful and complex washed-rind cheese produced in Quebec, similar to Comte or Gruyere. Inspired by the traditional methods found in the Jura region which encompasses areas of both France and Switzerland, the Fromagerie du Presbytère has created a delicious relative to these timeless French and Swiss cheeses found in the Jura Region. Louis d’Or gets its raw milk from the dairy’s own Holstein and Jersey cows.

Taste Notes

Cut from a large 40kg wheel, the Louis d’Or has the enticing appearance of a French or Swiss mountain cheese. The rind is rough and brown and the paste is golden-beige, with small fissures and eyes dotted throughout. The aroma is warm, nutty and toffee-like, as well as a bit fruity which adds to the overall complexity of the cheese. The texture is smooth and firm and covers the palate with a creamy richness. The flavours are translated from the complex aromas and nutty, toffee, and fruit flavours can all be found in the cheese.


Serve your Louis d’Or with fresh, crusty bread as a snack or on a cheese tray. Pair it with big or fruity red wine, such as a Beaujolais or Burgundy.

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