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Perron 4 Year Old Cheddar


Fromagerie Perron


St. Prime, Quebec, Canada

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The Perron family of Fromagerie Perron has been making high quality Canadian cheddar for over 120 years and through four generations have been a mainstay in the Canadian cheese landscape. Originally conceived as an exporter of fine cheddar to England, Fromagerie Perron have developed a large following in their home province of Quebec and all across Canada for their numerous varieties and vintages of cheddar.

Taste Notes

Perron 4 Year Old Cheddar is everything you would expect from this Canadian staple. It is firm and white, yielding eventually to gentle pressure to crack and crumble into satisfying, bite sized pieces. At four years old, it is sharp and piquant, but with a soft and pleasing after taste. The paste turns ever so slightly sweet as you eat it, always tempting you to relive the experience again and again.


This cheddar is a perfect companion to dark, full bodied stouts and ales. It also needs stout breads and hearty whole grain crackers to match its’ full flavour and almost meaty texture. This cheese,
however, is versatile. Eat it, cook with it, grate it on your favourite dishes and casseroles, it is hard to go wrong with Perron 4 Year.

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