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Petits Vieux


Fromagerie Medard


Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, Quebec, Canada

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The Petits Vieux is a cheese made by the family owned and operated Fromagerie Medard, on land that has been in the family since 1881. Made from the milk of Brown Swiss cows that are put out to pasture in the summer, and fed hay in the winter. Naturally aged in a stone cellar, the raw milk Petits Vieux will be lovingly cared for for up to 8 months. At this time the wheel is wrapped and sent out across the country.

Taste Notes

Petits Vieux is very similar a French Cantal, being made in a large wheel, aged for months, from rich, unpasteurized milk. As with the French Cantal, a younger Petits Vieux will be buttery, and slightly sweet. As this cheese ages, you will have a dryer cheese, with the flavors taking on notes of hazelnut and mushroom. Texturally this cheese will remind some of a cheddar, developing a dry, crumbly texture, and aged cheddar taste. This cheese works beautifully in a mac and cheese, but also a great way to enhance a cheese board, with something new, but still with familiar tastes.


Try this cheese with a light bodied red, such as a beaujolais, or for an unusual but great match, try with a local wheat beer. Adding some dried fruit or berries will also add to the wonderful experience.

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