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Purple Haze


Cypress Grove


Humboldt County, California, United States

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Purple Haze is a small format, soft ripened, hand made goat cheese. The 4oz discs are around 3 inches wide and are covered with wild fennel pollen and dried lavender. This gives Purple Haze a distinctive appearance and intoxicating floral aromas. Awarded Best in Show at the California State Fair, as well as Best in Class at the 2011 American Cheese Society Conference, this cheese is made using vegetarian rennet. Cypress Grove maintains a commitment to nature and to their community, striving to improve the lives of their neighbours through charitable giving and community involvement.

Taste Notes

The spotted surface of Purple Haze hides a smooth and creamy chevre that is the epitome of silky smoothness. Being a small batch, hand made cheese ensures some of the highest quality and consistency around. Dusted with wild fennel pollen and lavender leaves, Purple Haze has a soft and sweet flowery aroma, but manages to not taste like either of those ingredients. The combination of chevre, lavender and fennel is strongly evocative of the Provencal flavours of southern France, but somehow this cheese completely maintains a hip, northern Californian identity.


Purple Haze is amazing stuffed in dates as an easy appetizer and works great crumbled on a fresh green salad, invoking the aromas of wild flowers in a pasture on a warm August evening. If you want a mind altering West Coast food experience, try eating Purple Haze with a traditional red zinfandel, preferably from Sonoma County, and some Black Mission California figs. It will be good for your soul!

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