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Red Leicester


Thomas Hoe Stevenson; Long Clawson


Leicestershire, England

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Red Leicestershire is a classic English cheddar-style cheese with a striking flavour and appearance. This Thomas Hoe Stevenson Red Leicester, made with cow’s milk, is one of only a few pasteurised versions of the cheese made in Leicestershire County. The bold orange colour comes from annatto which is a natural plant dye obtained from a South American plant. Before the use of annatto, the cheese was coloured with carrot or beet juice. The cheese is traditionally clothbound. This Red Leicester is matured for six months to create the rich warm flavour that comes with every bite!

Taste Notes

Red Leicester has an appearance unlike most cheeses. The rustic clothbound rind and bold orange paste predict the full flavour to come. The aroma is rich and authentic, with a sweet yet earthy smell. The orange paste has an open texture and is firm at first but melts into a creamier texture, like a typical cheddar. The flavour is complex and impressive, pasteuriztion not compromising the taste! The flavour is slightly sweet and nutty, with evident notes of caramel. The toasty cheese tastes great, not surprisingly, on warm grainy toast! It also enhances sandwiches, salads and is worth a try
grated over your favourite meals.


Pair with a Rioja or a full, rich Australian Shiraz. Ales are also a great match!

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