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Fromagerie de l'Ile-aux-Grues


Ille-aux-Grues, Quebec, Canada

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Riopelle is one of Quebec’s most famous, and delicious, cheeses! The cheese is named after the famous artist, Jean-Paul Riopelle, who was a native of the region of Ile-Aux-Grues. Ile-Aux-Grues Youth Foundation receives one dollar for each wheel of cheese sold. The artwork on the label features one of the now-deceased painter’s pieces of work. This cheese is produced by Société Coopérative Agricole de L’Îsle-aux-grues, who also produce Mi-Careme and Tomme Grosse Ile, on an archipelago of 21 islands in the St. Lawrence River, not far from Quebec City.

Taste Notes

Riopelle is unique in a landscape of firmer, washed or brushed-rind Quebec cheese. This triple-cream style wheel has a soft, white bloomy-rind which gives way to a slightly melting cream coloured interior that looks like a Brillat Savarin. The aroma is creamy, earthy and mushroomy. The first bite is at once luxurious and rich, the paste is like soft butter and tastes of cream, mushrooms and hazelnuts. The flavour coats the tongue and lasts beyond your final morsel! This is the perfect cheese for a special occasion. Pair it with fresh, crusty baguette or plain crackers to let the flavour shine!


Pair your Riopelle with medium-sweet whites such as a Riesling! For a unique match, pair it up with a fruit-flavoured beer!

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