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Roaring 40's Blue


King Island Dairy


King Island, Australia

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Roaring Forties Blue Cheese is produced on King Island by the eponymous dairy, just north of Tasmania, Australia. The cheese is named for the infamous Roaring Forties gales which produce westerly winds of more than 100 km per hour toward the island which lies on 40 degrees latitude. Less than 2000 people on this pure, untouched sland. The dairy herds graze on lush, dense pastures, as well as an occasional helping of kelp, which gets washed up after heavy storms. King Island cows have become renowned for producing incredibly sweet, creamy, pure milk, milk due to their luxurious pastures and lifestyle! These factors, as well as the careful production methods have created an award-winning cheese! In 2002, Roaring 40’s Blue won “Champion Cheese” at the New York Fancy Food Fair.

Taste Notes

Roaring 40’s is a rindless cheese but is matured in black wax. The wax helps the cheese retain moisture and keep out oxygen, creating a smooth and creamy texture and sweet flavour. The paste is cream-coloured, with a spattering of blue mould throughout. The aroma is not overpowering, a bit sweet and creamy. The full-bodied cheese coats the palate and provides a complex taste profile with a sweet, mild, creamy and nutty notes. Roaring 40’s leaves a wonderful lingering aftertaste. Look for a fresh, nut-studded baguette to pair your portion with.


Pairing it with a smoky Australian Shiraz or your sweet favourites for a perfect match!

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