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Rogue River Blue


Rogue River Creamery


Oregon, United States

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Rogue River Creamery is one of the United States’ oldest dairies, in operation since 1935 and has been long known for creating the repeat award winner, Rogue River Blue. Rogue River Blue is hand crafted and is aged wrapped in grape leaves that are macerated in pear brandy. This flavourful blue recently won Best in Show at the American Cheese Society Conference for the second time in 3 years, beating out more than 1500 other cheeses.

Taste Notes

Rogue River Blue is unlike most other blue cheeses that you are likely to come across. The appearance is striking, with the dark leaves contrasting with the creamy, veined paste. The aroma smells strongly of the brandy used to soak the grape leaves. The leaves help to maintain moisture within the cheese as it ages for up to 1 year. Expect to find sweet flavours within the cheese that hint of pine, berries, hazelnuts, and pears. This is a strong blue, and a little taste goes a long way! Pair it with walnut bread and freshly sliced pears.


Pair the Rogue River Blue with robust wines such as Cabernet Franc or Syrah. This blue will also be fantastic with dessert wines, port or stout beers.

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