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Roquefort sur Soulzon, France

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Roquefort is the inimitable, traditional French blue that legend has it was created by accident by a shepherd boy who left his cheese curds and bread in a cave in the rocky countryside of the Causses in France. The cheese is said to date back to the time of ancient Rome and was the first cheese to be given name-protected status by the government of France. There are currently only 7 official producers of Roquefort.

Taste Notes

Roquefort is easily recognized by its white paste, heavily marbled with pockets of blue-green mould. It has a pungent and distinctive odour that is also present in the moist, powerful flavour. The flavour presents various different characteristics, such as mild, sweet, and tangy at the start to powerful and salty at the finish. The salty and rich complex flavor profile that ranges from sweet burnt-caramel to a sharp metallic tang. Enjoy your Roquefort on a fresh piece of rye bread, or crumble it on to a salad.


Pair your Roquefort with a sweet, strong beer that has a big flavour. Try pairing with a sweet stout or a barleywine style ale. Alternatively, pair with classics like port!

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