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Rosemary Caprillice


Lacteos Segarra


Alicante, Spain








Lacteos Segarra was founded in 1986 and has since been dedicated to the production of farmhouse goat’s milk cheese. The milk for the Caprillice is obtained from the Mediterranean area of spain from a special breed of Murcia-Granada goat. The warm climate and abundance of sunshine helps the goats produce top quality milk. Lacteos Segarra has created a line of aged goat cheeses, each unique and delicious! The Rosemary Caprillice is coated with a layer of rosemary and aged 60 days.

Taste Notes

The aroma of this wonderful cheese is intensely herbal, and preceeds it’s fresh, herbal flavour. This semi-firm cheese has a smooth, creamy texture that is punctuated by the rough texture of the rosemary. It is a pleasantly mild cheese which yields a clear goat’s milk flavour. The Rosemary Caprillice is an ideal cheese for tapas or snacking along with bread or crackers. The flavour will slightly linger on your palate, making you want more after each bite! Also try it on salad, toast or with eggs!


Pair the Rosemary Caprillice with Spanish wines such as Albariño Rias Baixas or Tempranillo.

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