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Salt Spring Island Lemon Chevre


Salt Spring Island Cheese


Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada

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The Lemon Chevre from Salt Spring Island soft cheese is a zesty, exciting treat for those who love the tart flavours of fresh chevre and citrusy lemons! Salt Spring introduced this version of their soft, velvety chevre on a whim for a weekend market. It received such a warm response that now it has been added to their collection as a permanent flavour. The natural chevre is produced using local, pasteurized goat’s milk that is purchased from farms in and around the Salt Spring Island area. The goal of the producers at Salt Spring Island is to ensure that their milk comes from goats which are fed and treated with the utmost integrity.

Taste Notes

The aromas of this fresh chevre are light, goaty and very lemony! The fresh, snowy-white chevre base is creamy and smooth, with a tart, tangy, snappy finish. The whole slice of lemon atop the cheese is cheerful, flavourful and zesty. The cheese is highly spreadable and makes a great topping to crispy, toasted artisan breads and crackers, or addition to salads, sauces and your other favourite recipes.


Pair with a light, citrusy white, such as a Sauvignon Blanc.

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