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San Simon


Galicia, Spain

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San Simon is produced in the remote area of Galicia, Spain. The isolation of this area has aided in the creation of very unique cheeses, due to a culture where cheese is taken very seriously. The herds of Galician cows graze on the lush, green grass and provide their milk to the people of the area. San Simon is aged (from 2-5 weeks) and smoked, practices that became common-place when farmers began making the cheese without the aid of refrigeration.

Taste Notes

San Simon has a delicious, creamy buttery texture with a slightly smoky flavor. The cheese has a thin chestnut-orange rind, a soft inside and is mild but full of flavor. San Simon is pear shaped and looks similar to a large Hershey’s kiss. The paste is a straw colored and while it is a semi soft cheese, it melts on your tongue in the most fantastic way while the smoky aroma activates your palate. San Simon is a great snack, pairing well with fruits and vegetables. It is also great in sandwiches.


The San Simon will pair wonderfully with Spanish white wines, cider and Pinot Noir.

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