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St. Maure Caprifeuille


Sevre & Belle


Celles-sur-Belle, France

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St Maure Caprifeuille is a beautiful farmhouse raw milk goat cheese produced by Sevre & Belle, located in the heart of Western France. The goats in this region graze on rolling hills which are carpeted with fragrant plants. The log-shaped, attractive chevre is hand-crafted and carefully handled during its aging period. Sevre & Belle has been in operation since 1893 and prides itself on producing the finest quality chevres, all up to European and North American cheesemaking standards.

Taste Notes

The St. Maure Caprifeuille can provide you with varying chevre-chomping experiences, depending upon what point in its maturation process you eat it. The appearance of the St. Maure is almost too lovely to slice into! The white, bloomy rind is soft and at a young stage, gives way to a soft, pure white paste. The aromas are fresh, herbal, floral and lactic. The texture of the young St. Maure is smooth and creamy. The flavours are fresh and a bit tart, even lemony!. As it ages, the cheese becomes firm and crumbly. The tart aromas and flavours make way for softer, sweeter ones that can be easily sliced. The mature St. Maure exudes warmer notes that will make a goat-cheese lover out of anyone!


Eat a young St. Maure spread on fresh bread or on crispy crackers with fresh fruits and honey. A mature St. Maure will taste great with dried fruits, and on toast! Pair your cheese with wine from Provence, or with a Sauvignon Blanc. Enjoy the refreshing pairing in which the acidity and tartness of the wine and cheese, respectively, will flow over and excite your palate.

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