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Tete de Moine AOC


Monastery of Bellelay


Jura, Switzerland

Milk Type









Tete de Moine is a special, name-protected cheese produced in the restricted areas of the mountain districts of Franches Montagnes, Moutier, Porrentruy and Courtelary in the Swiss Jura. This cheese is produced using all-natural, untreated mountain milk, free from any additives. Tete de Moine is not intended to be eaten in big chunks or slices. Traditionally, the top rind is cut off of the cylindrical cheese and a tool called a Girolle is inserted into the center. The Girolle is spun around, shaving off thin layers of the cheese to create rosettes.

Taste Notes

Tete de Moine has a sticky, orange-tinted rind that covers a pale interior paste, similar to that of Gruyere. The aroma is infused by the tart, tangy smell of the rind, yet a nutty smell can still be detected. The texture of the cheese is smooth and a bit dry. The flavours are complex, with notes of nuts, sweetness and fruitiness easily detected. The flavours are best discovered when eating shaved rosettes of the cheese. If a girolle is not available, use a knife or a cheese plane to shave off thin ribbons of Tete de Moine. This will help to expose all of the complex flavours! Put the ribbons and rosettes on a cheese board for a treat or garnish salads with them.


Pair your Tete de Moine with Chardonnay or Riesling for a wonderful combination of flavours.

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