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Tomme de la Grosse Île


Fromagerie de l'Ile-aux-Grues


Chaudières-Appalaches, Quebec, Canada

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Tomme de la Grosse Île is a rugged cheese that originates from the small, remote Fromagerie de Ille-aux-Grues on the Quebec island of the same name. This cheese is named to honour one of the 21 islands that make up the Île-aux-Grues archipelago and its rich history. Grosse Île was used in the 1800’s as a stop for many Irish immigrants, where they were screened for Cholera. The label of this cheese features the colours of the Irish flag. Tomme de la Grosse Île is made using milk gathered from brown Switzerland cows milk fed on sandbank hay, giving the cheese an authentic flavour.

Taste Notes

The aroma of Tomme de la Grosse Île is sweet and creamy, and the aroma of hay is clearly present. The texture of the cheese is smooth and soft, with small eyes scattered throughout. The rind is rough and rustic. The flavour of this cheese is exciting while not overwhelming. The complex mix of flavours are buttery, salty and a acidic. This cheese’s flavours are complex, buttery and salty but remain fresh with a bite of acidity. Use this versatile in soups of sandwiches, but don’t forget to try it on its own!


Try paring Tomme de la Grosse Île with your favourite beer as an alternative to wine!

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