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Vacherin du Jura


Fromagerie Badoz


Rhone-Alps, France

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Vacherin du Jura is a seasonal cheese, produced in small quantities to be eaten during the winter months in the Rhone-Alps region of France. Named for a mountain in Savoie, the cheese is a close relative to the famous winter cheese, Vacherin Mont-d’Or. The various Vacherin cheeses are distinguished based upon the specific origin of the milk used in production. The Vacherin du Jura is carefully created using a ladle and a system of slow-draining through canvas. Once the small round has drained and salted, it is encircled by a strip of maple bark which helps the cheese to keep its shape during its 2-week maturation period as well as keeping its structural integrity during shipment and while eating!

Taste Notes

The Vacherin du Jura is a high fat, creamy, soft and decadent cheese. The grayish-cream-coloured rind is marked by the indents of its mould and thinly protects the prized cheese. The rind may crack occasionally. The aroma of the Vacherin du Jura smells of mushooms and tangy, earthiness. The paste is cream-coloured and looks like shining, melting butter. The paste oozes at prime ripeness, to the point that is can be eaten using a spoon! The ring of maple bark which surrounds the cheese adds special wooded flavour. The flavours are tangy, mild mushroomy and earthy.


Try Vacherin du Jura accompanied by potatoes and or even bacon! It is ideal to pair Vacherin du Jura with a dry white wine, specifically from Savoie.

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