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Loire Valley, France

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Named after a town in central France, Valençay is shaped like a pyramid with a flat top. Originally, the shape was a pointed pyramid to celebrate France’s Egyptian campaign. When the campaign went sour, it is said Napoleon was so enraged by the sight of the little pyramid that he lopped its top off. When the cheese is firm enough, it is covered with salted charcoal ash which allows for long-lasting flavour. As it matures, a natural blue mold covers the cheese. The cheese achieved AOC status in 1998 making Valençay the first region to achieve AOC status for both its cheese and its wine.

Taste Notes

The Valençay has a fresh, lactic and goaty aroma with some herbal notes in the mix. As a young cheese, it has a moist and firm texture, and fresh, citric taste. With age it becomes a bit chalkier and takes on a nuttier taste. The lingering salty flavour makes you want to keep eating more! Valançay is fantastic when simply spread on a cracker or on bread. It pairs well with fresh fruit and vegetables. It is a great cooking cheese as well, crumble it into a salad, omelet, or over a baked potatoes.


The versatile Valençay goes well with a variety of reds and whites such as Chardonnay, Champagne, Sauvignon Blanc, Sancerre and Chablis.

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