Fleur du Maquis

Fleur du MaquisFlower of the Maquis

This Corsican creation is made from unpasturized sheep’s milk, and has the look of a little cheese pillow that has been rolled through the maquis of the Corsican hill sides. The maquis term has also been attributed to guerilla fighters that used to hide in the underbrush, giving this cheese a little more danger, and making it an interesting conversation piece.

The rind is encrusted with rosemary, fennel seeds, juniper berries, and topped with a chile. The paste is soft, creamy, herbal and slightly olivey making it a great addition to any French cheese board collection. When left to age, mold begins to develop on the outside, giving it a stronger nuttiness and floral finish. Esthetically it’s a beautiful creation, and an even tastier add-on to a Mediterranean theme dinner, or paired as a side with olives, peppers, tomatoes and a lighter red! We occasionally get some in, so stay tuned and we’ll let you know!

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