The 2011 Canadian Cheese Grand Prix

Good Afternoon Cheese Lovers!

I have exciting news! Tonight is the 2011 Canadian Grand Prix Gala where the winners of the Best Cheeses of 2011 will be announced… and I’m lucky enough to have an invitation to attend! To a cheese-fiend like myself, that’s like finding one of Willy Wonka’s Golden Tickets inside a chocolate bar!

Tonight, 250 people of the Canadian cheese world will gather at the Palais Royale to find out which cheeses have emerged from the pack to be honoured and admired. As someone who works with cheese every day, in a warehouse/office, its very exciting to get to go to a cheesy event! It should be a great opportunity to shmooze with cheesemakers, store owners and suppliers and meet some of the people who sell me cheese, and who I sell cheese to!

Want to know which cheeses are in the running? CLICK HERE to read the list of cheese finalists for 2011 developed by the Dairy Farmers of Canada. Which cheese am I cheering for? One of my all-time Canadian favourites, Louis d’Or is a finalist in 3 different categories. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it wins at least once!

I’ll be equipped with my iPhone to tweet in real time what’s going on! Tomorrow I’ll come back and let you all know how it went.

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